Letter to Beaver County Churches

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Dear Beaver County Pastors and Churches,

We are writing to invite you to participate in a new networking group consisting of local leaders from faith-based organizations and churches, as well as, leadership of Beaver County based nonprofits serving individuals facing homelessness, a housing crisis, and/or hunger.  The group first met in the fall of 2017, to begin a conversation about homelessness and hunger in Beaver County. We have met monthly since.  The group discussed the fact that many individuals in need in Beaver County approach churches and local faith-based ministries first for assistance and resources, who, oftentimes, can and do assist with the immediate need.

However, concerns from churches have arisen about people taking advantage of a church’s generosity and naivety, about how to discern genuine need from a scam, and about how to get people the long term assistance they need to reduce and eliminate homelessness and hunger. The networking group is seeking to partner with the churches and the faith-based community countywide to garner your input and listen to your concerns relative to these issues in order to coordinate efforts and, together, more effectively, serve those in need in Beaver County.

If you/your church are experiencing these issues and would like to partner with us or you would like to get involved simply because you are burdened for the unmet needs of marginalized people, we invite you to come along side in partnership with us.

The next meeting of the networking group is scheduled for Tuesday, April 24, 2018 at 8:00 am at The Cornerstone of Beaver County (TCBC).  TCBC is located at 1217 7th Avenue, Beaver Falls, PA 15010.

We welcome your partnership with us. If you have questions, please contact Dan at the number listed below.

Sincerely yours

Marie Timpano, Executive Director TCBC

Rev. Dan Collmus, Chaplain City Rescue Mission